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Compression Massage 

Compress your muscles and let your body relax and recover

Due to certain medical conditions, working labour jobs, sitting at desk jobs, and, performing athletic workouts, muscles can get sore. We have all been there! While there are certain techniques available in the market that can reduce the soreness of the muscles, one still struggles. Now welcome this new modern technique called compression massage! Compression massage requires advanced machines and pneumatics that physically act on the muscles and blood circulation!

The compression technique is beneficial as a form of massage therapy BUT hands free! The latest advancement in compression therapy includes the introduction of NormaTec compression therapy. This is a type of compression technique that uses air packets to compress the body in an advanced manner. Normatec uses a two-phased compression technique. 


The Science

In the first phase, the compression tube uses lower pressure and adjusts the tube diameter according to the width of the body part. Once the perfect match is attained, compression will start. In the compression phase, a massage is given in the form of tube compressions, a patented compression technique used in NormaTec. It compresses the legs, arms, or hips from the downside first and then comes slowly to the upper side. This is similar to professional massage therapy and it perfectly mimics the body recovery process. This compression therapy is far better than compression stockings because it can be adjusted according to the medical condition or worker or athlete’s demands. 

The first of the NormaTec compression therapy benefits is the reduction of soreness from the legs, arms or hips. When a person works hard, H+ and lactic acid will accumulate in their muscles. This will lead to soreness of the muscles. 

NormaTec therapy will compress the muscles in a way that these will be excreted from the muscles and will help to improve the muscle condition by reducing the soreness.

Some people have medical conditions that need more blood flow in certain areas of their bodies. In the case of diabetes, legs get lower blood volume which can decrease the recovery of the lower extremities. NormaTec compression can help in improving the blood flow to the legs, arms, and/or hips so it can improve the healing process and recovery.


Why It Works

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 10.29.59 PM.png

Recovery time is a really important factor in any people’s daily routines. Most people want to maximize their daily activities especially those with busy demanding schedules.

Normatec therapy can reduce the recovery time because it will help muscles heal very quickly. Decreased recovery time can boost stamina and can lead to better performance.

Additionally, people want flexibility in their legs, arms, or hips. They try their most to become flexible but there is a limit because veins and muscles get sore when stretched. Once muscles get sore the flexibility training will get affected. Using NormaTec can improve muscle flexibility because it relaxes the veins and arteries in the body. NormaTec compression massage is one of the most advanced forms of recovery therapy available in the market used by many professionals and elite athletes around the world. 

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