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All About Cryo

Get to know this powerful game changer!

The practice of using cold temperature to promote natural healing and wellness has been used for millennia. The application of cold to reduce inflammation and swelling, minimize pain, and strengthen the immune system dates back to ancient civilizations. The term derives itself from two Greek words: cryo meaning cold and therapeia meaning cure. Up until the last decade, the "cold cure" has been used anecdotally, often in the form of ice packs and cold plunges. The exact pathway by which cold alleviates has been misunderstood until now. 


Based upon the work of Japanese scientists in the mid 1970's, Dr. Yamaguchi, in 1978, utilized the first whole body cryotherapy experience for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. By reaching temperatures as low as -120° Celsius (-184°F),  for three minutes, cryotherapy became the fastest and most effective cold therapy! 


Cryotherapy entered Europe in the 1980's, where, it has been studied intensively, accepted as a medical treatment, and, became an integral part of health care regimens. In the USA, whole body cryotherapy was only introduced in 2010. At the same time, more and more health care practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and sports doctors have joined the worldwide movement as their clients report a wide range of improvements in health and well-being.   

The Cold Science

Based on the science, we have learned that the benefits of cold on pain are in proportion to the temperature reduction achieved by the skin's thermo-receptors. Our nervous system constantly evaluates the temperature of the environment around us and adjusts our bodies accordingly. Brief, controlled applications of cold, can cause the body to engage its most powerful healing system, but, all cold is not created equal. Ice, cold water, and cold air help, but, they have limitations in how much they can chill the skin's thermo-receptors. It's known now, that the temperature and the speed of cooling matter. 

The extreme cold sends electrical impulses to the central nervous system indicating the body must prepare to survive. This activates the body's defence mechanism and the blood rushes to vital organs to protect them from extreme cold. Now, that the body has transported the blood to the core, the blood begins to be enriched with oxygen, collagen, anti-inflammatories, erythrocytes, and other beneficial nutrients during the hyper-production period. Vasodilation begins after you have exited the chamber. During this time, your body is transporting the new nutrient dense blood into your skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue. Whole body cryotherapy allows your body to access and release valuable naturally occurring biochemicals that are active in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and ridding the body of toxins.

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Why It Works


If you live in pain, and if the condition that causes it somehow involves inflammation, there may be no better treatment for you to reduce it and get your life back. Many people don't consider it because they "don't like cold" or don't want the out pocket expense involved with it, but the benefits by far outweigh the slight discomfort or cost involved. The dry cold used in cryotherapy treatments is much more comfortable than anything involving cold water or ice. Whole body cryotherapy may be the world's best kept secret against pain, as it's the only treatment to initiate the powerful fight-or-flight response. Come see how it could help your body recover and thrive again!

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