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What To Expect

Get To Know The Unknown! 

You may lay back and relax, meditate, do breath work, or even yoga as the Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields takes over and does the work. The PEMF wellness device resembles a typical yoga mat in dimensions but is significantly thicker to house several flat spiral coils to produce an even electromagnetic field. A frequency generator is then used to energize the coils to create a pulsed electromagnetic field. As you lay down, the client's body is placed inside the magnetic field to deliver treatment. The mat also includes the benefits of infrared, in which the client will feel heat all over. In addition, there are layers of crystals and ionization for grounding of the client as well!


  • We will discuss your medical history to see if there is any contraindications and that you are sound to use the therapy

  • Your objectives and concerns will be addressed for treatment along with duration

  • Will take you on a mini tour of facilities


Preparation & How To Guide

  • Client enters private locked room

  • Client must wear sweats pants, leggings, or smooth fabric pants and not jeans, skirts, cargos, shorts, etc.

  • Clients can lay down flat, meditate, or do yoga!

  • Client chooses what mode of PEMF they desire

  • Client chooses far infrared temperature 

  • Client hits the start button  

  • Mat is heated and energized

  • Enjoy the benefits of PEMF, grounding, infrared, and ionization all in one! 


Listed below are contraindications that make compression massage a negative thing for the individual. Individuals that have these conditions should not use pulsed electromagnetic field grounding therapies. The list is not exhaustive and you should seek a doctor prior to treatment.

  • Pacemakers

  • Cochlear implants

  • Intrathecal pumps

  • Over active adrenal or thyroid glands

  • Cardiac rhythm disorders

  • Sores

  • Open wounds

  • Hemophilia

  • Alcohol/alcohol abuse

  • Local contagious lesions

  • Pregnancy

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