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What To Expect

Get To Know The Unknown! 

You lay under the high powered LED panels that produce red and infrared wavelengths. Half the LEDs are red and half the LEDs are infrared in an alternating pattern. Infrared light has a penetration depth that surpasses other wavelengths of light, meaning it can access underlying bodily tissues beneath the skin. In 20 minute sessions, this deep tissue penetration results in a systemic and metabolic effect on the entire body, rather than localized effects on one specific area. You can feel the energy of red-light therapy reaching all the way into cell’s mitochondria to stimulate healing and regeneration, improving appearance, performance, and overall well-being.



  • We will discuss your medical history to see if there is any contraindications and that you are sound to use the therapy

  • Your objectives and concerns will be addressed for treatment along with duration

  • You will be asked to sign a waiver

  • Will take you on a mini tour of facilities

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Preparation & How To


  • Client enters private locked room

  • Client removes clothing 

  • Eye wear is provided for brightness but not needed as red and IR light is safe for the eyes

  • Client pushes OK button to start 20 minutes of therapy session

  • Client lays on fresh towel on padded massage table

  • Client can rotate front to back depending on need

  • Essential oil diffuser is provided 

  • Timer will go to zero and machine will automatically shut off 

  • Enjoy the benefits of red light therapy! 


Listed below are contraindications that make red infrared light therapy a negative thing for the individual. Individuals that have these conditions should not use red infrared light therapy. The list is not exhaustive and you should seek a doctor prior to treatment.

  • Light Sensitivity

  • Cancer

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