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About Celcius

Get To Know Our Vision

We are a local start up with a mission to help people feel better. We are started out of necessity after hearing all the needs and concerns from people that want to feel better, and, hopefully, we are here to assist! 

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Founded by some of the smartest minds in fitness and science in the city, Celcius is here to offer more than an impersonal, next please, attitude. We pride ourselves on our scientific knowledge base and proven results. We pride ourselves on using a holistic, non-evasive, medication-free approach to health.



The Problem

More often than not, we hear people's concerns. We hear the battles they have with ailments, and the pain they endure during their daily lives. These injuries and ailments set you back. They cause a decline in quality of life, time missed at work, and loss of gains and momentum made in any fitness or wellness routine. When this happens, people wait for health care providers forever, and, sometimes do not get the results they want. Additionally, people on average spend $6000 a year on treatments that only seem to mask the issues.



You can have all the riches (family, friends, money, etc) in the world but that means nothing if you don't have yourself. So why not invest in yourself?! So, if moderate to chronic inflammation has been plaguing you... why not start your journey now... turn your life around... and go down the road to living pain and inflammation free, and, looking and feeling your best!

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