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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello. :)

We here at Celcius are a huge believer in healing the body naturally. We hope you will join in this journey of healing and feeling better, in a time when we need it the most. We started this local company as a counter means to all the pharmaceuticals that society has been bombarded with. Not dismissing essential use cases, most prescription drugs only mask a deeper underlying issue, that more likely than not, can be resolved through proper nutrition, exercise, mental health, and natural techniques. Additionally, we started this ethos after continuing to hear, quite frankly, people's complaints. Too often than not, we hear about, "this aches, this is sore, this is bothering me". A lot of times, people try wholeheartedly to fix the issue, through any means possible. Sometimes with resolve, but, lots of times without. Other times people are simply lazy and not motivated, due to a variety of issues. This is where we come in.


We offer a fast and easy form of treatment. Now thats not to say you are going to get fast and easy results, but, sometimes you may ... The owner of Celcius, a skeptical scientist with a Master's in chemistry, had an overuse osteoarthritic issue that lingered for 3-4 months. Nothing worked to fix the pain. They then sought out cryotherapy as an alternative measure of treatment. Going down to Houston, Texas to visit Arctic Healing Cryo, they entered the same Impact chamber we have here at Celcius for 3 minutes. The pain was gone!


The skepticism turned to belief, well simply, because it worked. Stories like this are becoming common place. On an episode of the Joe Rogan show, he talks about an elderly lady that couldn't open her hands from a curled position. After cryotherapy, she could. Now these claims may be bold, but the science and research indicates that these techniques are quite powerful, as the human body is quite powerful. As you can see, almost all of our potential claims are backed up by a scientific journal article. Of course, all these are not definitive but they all lean tremendously in the right direction. We will be writing about the present day use cases and success stories using these technologies and healing from the inside out, naturally.

Yours Truly,



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