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The Cryo Chamber From The Maple Leafs

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Like we stated on our home page. Yes, this is the chamber from the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is the actual second chamber that they talk about in the article below. Some of the guys talk about the therapies they use. As you can read, some of the responses are comical, and each player's approach is highly individualistic.


Additionally, I have included Joffrey Lupul's experience from an interview in 2015.

You’ve been doing cryotherapy post-workout. How does that help? (Editor’s Note: Cryotherapy involves standing in a chamber that, thanks to liquid nitrogen, is kept at an extremely cold temperature of minus 110 degree Celsius to minus 140 degrees Celsius.)
JL: Truly I was just so sore this one day in the summer that my trainer sent me [to cryotherapy] and I enjoyed it. Now we have the [cryotherapy] chambers at the arena. I like it a lot for recovery, and for the fact that after a long workout, (three-hours in my case), your body temperature can be so high that I’ll go out for dinner after the game and I’m still sweating. It brings your body temperature way down, which is a nice benefit, but it’s also good for muscle soreness.


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