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Immerse Yourself In Nature's Healing Frequency

Nature always has the answer. That is how the old adage goes in the scientific community. When looking for answers to today's modern problems, more often than not, we have to actually go backwards. Millions and millions of years of the earth's phenomena can't simply be ignored, now, that we as a society, have moved more indoors. Mother Earth always heals itself. This is where we introduce PEMF also known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields!

The benefits of PEMF may seem too good to be true. Touted for pain relief, reducing stress, increased energy, boosting mood, and anti-inflammatory effects, why wouldn't one want to try it! Now, in the wellness space, there always seems to be some sort of new gadget or technique popping up, but, PEMF is based on some serious journal article reviewed science. According to Rahi Sarbaziha, MD, an integrative aesthetics doctor based in Beverly Hills, PEMF therapy isn’t just some woo-woo ploy to get folks to spend cash on yet another wellness device.

“PEMF therapy occurs via a bio-electromagnetic-energy device that energizes and recharges cells through low field magnetic stimulation,” she explains.

PEMF therapy produces an electromagnetic induction, according to Marc Matarazzo, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and was the former assistant team physician for the New York Jets and New York Islanders.

“This has been shown to alter cell activity and biology by activating and deactivating certain types of cells and inducing cell signaling,” he explains.

This is how a cell responds to substances like hormones and neurotransmitters outside of its membrane, on its surface, and internally, and it’s important for cells to grow and function normally.

“The patient will lie on a mat or have a small flexible pad for targeted therapy of one region. It pulses electromagnetic fields to stimulate cells to help with cellular dysfunction and overall health.” says Dr. Sarbaziha

“PEMF uses magnetic energy to work with your body's natural magnetic field to help improve healing,” says Neil Paulvin, DO, a longevity and regenerative medicine doctor based in New York.

“There is scientific evidence that PEMF can up-regulate anti-inflammatory cells and de-regulate pro-inflammatory cells,” Matarazzo reveals, noting that it can actually help manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis and some cancers. Additionally, he says that PEMF can reduce states of chronic inflammation (and subsequent pain from such), restore altered blood flow and boost circulation, suppress the breakdown of (and induce the regeneration of) articular cartilage, enhance bone healing and tissue regeneration, and more.

Whew! There you have it! There is a loooooot more to cover but we shall leave it here for now. So, what are you waiting for, come in to Celcius and try our PEMF mat therapy today!


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