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Freezing Your Depression In It's Tracks

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Put it this way... you aren't going to enter or leave a cryotherapy chamber without some kind of smile on your face. So, we have that going for us right off the bat. To further this train of thought, we have cryotherapy activating the powerful fight or flight response in the body. This response sends a signal to the brain to release norepinephrine. This cascade also releases .... wait for it.... drum roll please... SEROTONIN & DOPAMINE! WOOT WOOT!

When times are tough, or, we are in a slump, we find ourselves searching high and low (mostly low) for these seemingly elusive molecules. Sometimes we can be spinning our tires in a cycle of negativity that we just cannot break. This is where we come in yet again!

A simple 3 minute cryotherapy session can be just what is needed to break this cycle, and, jumpstart your mind to a positive state via this endorphin rush. In the Psychology Today article titled, "I Tried Cryotherapy as a Treatment for Depression", the author states her journey with it.

"Robin told me a social worker was bringing a group of depressed patients in regularly because of the impact cryotherapy can have on brain chemistry."

"This really got my attention, because if there’s anything that rivals my interest in physical health, it’s mental health."

The article references a scientific journal study that found improvements in depressive and anxiety disorders after 3 weeks of cryotherapy. This can be found here:

Additionally, she states how she heard some of the weight loss effects and goes on how she was skeptical at first. This soon changed after she exited the treatment and the receptionist told her she was grinning ecstatically. And that right there is what matters the most.


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