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A Remarkable Duel Fat Loss Protocol

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

When it comes to fat loss there are so many questions. Questionable questions, if you may. Here, we will attempt to explain the powerful potential of fat loss by stacking cyrotherapy and LED Light Therapy.

Harvard Knows

This article by Harvard Medical School shows a rather interesting phenomenon that subcutaneous fat cells die when exposed to extreme cold.

Along with that occurrence, thermogenesis occurs once the body starts to shiver. Your body will defend the cold by ramping up your energy expenditure by 5-10% thus increasing your metabolism. This, then starts the process of your white fat to start to brown. The brown fat is what is then utilized, as brown fats main goal is to produce heat, thus burning calories. Cryotherapy can hyper charge this process as the temperature is so extreme. The article below explains more:

To further add, the more brown fat cells you have, the more they will protect you from hypothermia. So, the more you cryo, the more efficient your body's metabolism will be at burning fat, due to the presence of brown fat producing heat.

To top things off, once you start the process of browning your subcutaneous white fat, your body then produces heat energy. Guess which process makes your cell's produce ATP more efficiently, LED red and infrared light therapy! LED light therapy or photobiomodulation (PBM) directly penetrates the skin dermis layer to stimulate mitochondria, (the energy powerhouse, the term that sticks with us from high school). This is backed here:

So there you have it, a direct one-two knockout punch to kick fat's butt!


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